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Swastik Semi Auto Double Head Perfume Pocket Spray 20 Ml Filling & Pump Pressing Machine


Machine Applications

  • Making Round Shape Bakhoor Tablets
  • Making Heart Shape Bakhoor Tablets
  • Making Star Shape Bakhoor Tablets
  • Making Oval Shape Bakhoor Tablets
  • Making Custom Shape Bakhoor Tablets

Machine Specification

Technical Specifications
Salient Features
Power Required
380-440v/ 3 Ph/ 3.8 kW
Easy To Install, Use & Maintain
Air Required
Curtain Sensor Provided For Hand Protection
Production Capacity
1 - 2 Cycles Per Min.
Robust & Heavy Duty For Long Life
Approx. Dim. (LxWxH Mtrs.)
1.5 x 1 x 2.2
Hydraulic Type
Manpower Required
Forward & Reverse Direction For Tray
Make Of Electrical Components
Delta/ Schneider/ Panasonic
Two Hands Operation To Avoid Accidents
Make Of Pneumatic Components
Make Of Electronic Components
Max. Die Size (LxWxH mm)
410 x 380 x Variable
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Pre Fitted Die
Add Ons (For Pricing Contact Us)
Max. Pressure Capacity
140 Kg Bar
Spare Kit (Recommended Add On)
SS 304
Custom Shape Bottom Cavity & Top Punch Die Set (Female & Male)
No. Of Trays Provided With Machine
2 Nos
Round Shape Bottom 56 Cavity & Top 56 Punch Die Set (Female & Male)
MOC Of Trays
SS 304

Machine Operation

Operator will manually spread powder over the die such that the cavity of the die is fully filled with powder evenly Now the operator will bring the punch (male die part) down with the help of the lever, there is a sensor to adjust Maximum down stroke. Once reached, this will compress & compact loose powder in the shape of the die. Now the Operator takes the punch up by lever to a level where the punch & cavity die are separated by at least 50 mm. Now the operator must bring the tray forward by pressing the forward button, after the tray is forward and directly underneath the cavity die, the operator once again bring down the punch head by lever such that the tablets fall Onto the tray. Once the tablets are onto the tray, the operator again brings the punch head up by lever and then Press tray reverse button so that tray comes out and then keep another in its place & repeat the process.